Sunday, March 9, 2008

Treats Please!

Here is a picture of me and Binks begging for treats. This is the pose we do when Mom tucks us in for the night, and she gets all mushy, starts talking to us in her goo-goo gaa-gaa voice and gives us our bedtime snack. Then, if we are lucky, Dad will come down later to check up on us and we will strike this pose again and convince him that Mom forgot to give us our snack so we each get another one. Hee hee!
I am going to do my first Fluffy blog interview with, of course, my girlfriend Binky. And we are going to talk about treats, because that is our favourite subject.
Me: Hello Miss Binks, you look mightly pretty today....
Binks: Tee hee hee, Fluffy.....!
Me: Anyway, let's talk about treats. Miss Binks, what is your favourite treat?
Binks: Well, Fluffy, other than would have to be raisins. I really like raisins, especially when Mom lets us stick our heads right in the container and pick the ones we want.
Me: Oh, I LOVE that! It smells so nice in there. I would have to agree - raisins are good!
Binks: What is your favourite treat Fluffy?
Me: Well, Miss Binks, other than you of course (wink wink) I has to be banana! I know I have previously posted about the sweet goodness of banana and how, when I eat it, it makes my bum twitch. I don't know what it is, but it's just so YUMMY! What else do you like, Binks?
Binks: Mommy makes good treats, like the fruit roll ups. Those are yummy. And the apple chips....
Me: Yeah, and sometimes she makes pear chips, too! Remember the cookies Auntie Luisa sent us? The Nana Men?
Binks: I love the Nana Men! I hope Mom sees Auntie Luisa again soon and gets some...
Me: Me, too!
Binks: ...But nothing is as sweet as you, Fluffy. My favourite snack is nibbling on your ear (starts nibbling on Fluffy's ear...)
Me: .....Mmmmmmmm, that's nice.....yes, right there, yup, you got it! I love it when you nibble on my ear Binky. You can nibble on me anytime!
Binks: Tee hee hee, thanks Fluffy!
So that was my first interview! Summary - we love treats and each other! Too bad Mom and Dad only give us one or two a day, but any more, Mom says, and we might get sick. I don't like being sick. It makes my tummy hurt. But sometimes the best treats aren't the ones you eat. Like when Mom gives me ear tugs, or Dad plays with me on the couch, or Miss Binks gives me an eyeball wash. Having love is a real treat, too, although sometimes we might take it for granted. In fact, it might be the best treat of all, because you can have as much of it as you want and your tummy never hurts. But your heart gets nice and happy.

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FrecklesandDeb said...

I agree with your favorite treats -- raisins and bananas are the best! (And apple is good, too!)

Fluffy, you did a terrific job of interviewing Binks -- I see a future for you on a talk show!