Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rabbits on the Radio

No, this is not a picture of us and Mom and Dad. This is us with Mad Dog and Billie. Mad Dog and Billie host a morning radio show and Binky and I were invited to come down. And Mom, too.
Mom and Dad are volunteers for Rabbit Rescue. It's been a very busy week for everyone and not just because it's Easter. A week ago today, the SPCA called Rabbit Rescue because they needed help with over 300 bunnies taken from a cruelty investigation. 300 bunnies.
So, all the volunteers have been working around the clock to help. Many came to Rabbit Rescue and many went to other shelters and rescues who could take them. But there are still many more waiting for help. Rabbit Rescue was invited on the radio show to talk about the story, Rabbit Rescue and rabbits in general.
Mad Dog and Billie (Mad Dog doesn't look like a dog......and Billie is a girl...I'm confused) decided to have an Easter Bunny Race so it was me against Binks. "Ready, set GO!" and we were off! I don't really know what they wanted us to do so I just ran under a desk and decided it was time to wash my face. Binky hopped around and was helped across the finish line by one of the cheerleaders - yes, they had real cheerleaders! Everyone cheered for Binks and I had to cheer too! She seemed really impressed with herself and it was nice because usually she is very shy. But this morning, she was basking in the attention! Truth be told, I might have let her win *wink wink* - she deserves to be the centre of attention sometimes, too!
All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I know Mom helped a lot of bunnies by talking about it on the radio.
This weekend is Easter, everyone's favourite holiday, at least in this house! Binks and I have been working really hard wrapping tiny chocolate Easter eggs in pretty coloured foil for the Easter Bunny to hide. He appreciates our help - he calls us his "little elves". And with Easter comes spring and yes indeed, all that snow outside is definitely melting. When Mom opens the patio door to toss out peanuts for Nutters and Butters, our neighbourhood squirrels, I swear I can actually smell spring in the air!
So tonight I will cuddle with Binks and tell her again how proud I am of her winning the race today. I will imagine the melting snow revealing green grass and leafy trees. And I will think of all the bunnies we are trying to help. It makes me sad to think that people can be mean to bunnies, or any animals for that matter. I don't understand how humans think sometimes, but I guess that's because I'm a rabbit. I hope all of the rescued bunnies get a chance to be happy bunnies like me and Binks. It's a tall order for 300 rabbits, but we will do everything we can to get the job done, "one baby bunny hop at a time" like Mom always says.
Happy Easter.


FrecklesandDeb said...

Happy Easter to Fluffy and Binks! Sounds like a great race you ran (with real cheerleaders! How exciting!) and we're glad you're helping with finding homes for those 300 rabbits! Wow! that just boggles the mind.
Good luck!
Freckles and Deb

Amy-and-Fez said...

Hi Fluffy! My name is Fez. I'm one of the bunnies that was saved. Thank carrots for Rabbit Rescue! Mom just showed me your blog. Wow you have a girlfriend! Maybe someday I will too. I hope we can be friends!