Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bunny Storage

This is me - waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy in the back of the storage area. How did I get there? Well, let me tell you...

Our house is still relatively new to me and I am always finding neat new places to get into some trouble. Recently, I discovered the "storage area"! It's like a closet because it has a bar to put hangars on and hang things up, but if you part the clothes, the closet goes way back about 10 feet, then it turns 180 degrees and tucks under the stairs. And it's an awesome place to hide!

Mom and Dad have all kinds of tubs and boxes and bags in there. All kinds of fun levels to jump up and down, cubby holes here, tunnels there and lots of dust to clog up my whiskers! Usually the door to the storage area is closed - but not tonight!

It didn't take long for Mom to stop watching her real estate show and realize I was gone. "Fluffy?" She got up and when she saw that the closet door was open, she knew right where to find me - deep inside the secret cave of fun!
Out came the flashlight and I heard her shuffle her way inside. For a bunny there is a lot of room, but for Mommy, not so much. After about 2 feet of closet, the top slopes down to about 4 feet, so she had to crouch down and walk all funny to get to where I was.
I saw the light swoop around and spot me in the dark. "Fluffy! You get out here right this instant!" Yeah, like I'm going to come out when I know I am already in trouble. "Fluffy! It's dangerous in here. Something could fall on you. Out!" Nope. I think I'll go hide behind these Rubbermaid thingies...

"Arg! Fluffy! Get out from behind there....OUCH!" Hee hee, she just hit her head. "Come on Fluff..."

I'm going to hop out further under the stairs. Lots of open space and......(Mom reaches to grab me but she can't quite reach me)...perfect! Just far enough that Mom can't get me! "Fluffy! Come here, Fluffy......Sweetie......" Oh, now she's sweet talking me. Won't work. "Ugh! Fluffy, it's cramped and dusty down here. Get yer butt out! Please?!"

Then there was a rattling. Two iron poles on the ground started shifting - Mom was behind it. I started dancing on the spot to avoid them and sure enough, when I was distracted, WHOMP! Mom's hand came down on my back. I was caught.

There is always that moment of wonder - I wonder how much trouble I'm in? I wonder what she will do? Will she give me a good finger wagging? And you just can't tell what will happen next, but judging from the grip she had on me, she was serious. Sometimes I wish I was a 12 pound Flemish Giant. She could never pick me up singlehandedly if I was.....

She picked me up and held me to her chest. She gave me kisses. "Fluffy! You silly, silly boy! Why do you always get yourself into trouble?" Because you left the door open, that's why. She rubbed me all over to get the cobwebs off, snorgled me in the beam of the flashlight, turned around and placed me on the floor facing the open door. "Now GIT!" and with that, I was off like a flash back to the comfort of Binks and her reassuring ear licks.
But I did find a treasure. A green yarmulke. That's right. And on the inside it says "Sarah Weaver's Bat Mitzvah, May 9, 1998". I wonder what I'll time!


Amy-and-Fez said...

What's a Rubber Maid???

--- Fez

FrecklesandDeb said...

What an adventure you and your mom had! Hide and seek is such a great game, especially when the bunn is hiding and the mom has to seek you "deep inside the secret cave of fun!" (Wish I had one of those!)