Monday, April 14, 2008

Bunspace Fun!

Bunspace. A place where bunnies unite and share their stories and connect with other bunnies from all over the world. And I am a member!

Thanks to Mom's hard work I now have my own profile on I have 33 carrots and 18 bunny buddies. Mom also made profiles for Binky and the other two bunnies who live upstairs, Ella and Scooter MaGoo. Boo doesn't have a profile because he is a hamster and only bunnies are allowed.

Mom likes the forums - she can meet all kinds of other people who adore rabbits just like her and Dad and it's a great place for bunny information. But best of all, it's jam packed full of pictures of bunnies, and that's what Mom says she likes best!

Mom says it has been crazy since she posted all of our profiles on Bunspace. All of these rabbits want to be our Bunny Buddies and we want to be Bunny Buddies right back. We are getting a lot of Buddy requests, comments and emails which is keeping her very busy. We LOVE it! Mom says it's official - her bunnies have more friends that she does!

I would like to send a special shout out to all of my Bunny Peeps out there in Bunspace who are reading my blog, especially my friend Freckles who is a frequent commentator - Hi Freckles! Word to Maddox, Pekoe, Wilbur, Huey, Basil, Pinky, Yogi, Adora, Loki, Faisal, Ella, Sam, Fez, Coco, Jumpin Jack Flash, Sox and Dakota Love and all my other readers! I feel very special to have made so many amazing friends from all over!

If anyone would like to visit me on Bunspace, just click my Bunspace Badge along the left side of my blog - you can see us all there, and leave us all carrots, too!



FrecklesandDeb said...

Hi, Fluffy -- a shout out back to you! It's great having so many buddies on BunSpace, isn't it? We really like it there, too! We've met a bunch of new bunny friends there.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Check out today’s post on our blog! I tagged you for a book meme!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Hay Fluffy, nice to meet you! ~Fiona Bun