Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BunFest Time!

This is something Mom has been working really hard on for the last few months - a "bunny convention of epic proportions" she calls it. It's called BunFest and it's happening this Sunday!

Mom says it's really important that people with pet rabbits know how to properly take care of them. "Fluffy, did you know that some rabbits live in a small cage and never get out for exercise time? Did you know that some rabbits have never had hay? And did you know that some rabbits will live their entire lives without ever seeing a vet?" she asked me. "No Mom, I didn't know that. But why? Don't their people care about them? What can we do to help them?" She smiled, "Well, for starters, we are going to have a bunny event where people can bring their bunnies and learn all they can about how to properly take care of them. It's going to be called BunFest!"

And so BunFest was born. There's going to be all kinds of wonderful things for bunnies and their people to see and do! Bunny Glamour Shots, a BunSpa, a craft area, a Bunny Lounge & Cafe and of course, bunnies! People will be able to get information on all kinds of topics, ask rabbit-savvy vets any questions they want, buy toys and treats for their bunnies and bid on great stuff at the Silent Auction! There is even going to be a carrot eating contest! "Mom! I want to enter!" I told her. "Sorry Fluffy, it's for the people, not the bunnies." THUMP!

Mom is going to be working hard that day so Dad is going to bring Binks and I in our stroller to check out the fun! And the best part is, all the money they raise will go to help bunnies in need. You see, Mom and Dad both volunteer for Rabbit Rescue Inc. and helping bunnies is what they like to do best.

So while Mom attempts to tie up all the loose ends and get things ready for Sunday, she wanted me to get the word out and tell everyone I know about BunFest. If you live in the southern Ontario area and would like to come, please hop on by! It's for a great cause!



Rabbits' Guy said...

Holy Bunny! An event of Ginormous proportions! Stick up a picture of yourself, take a picture of it, and post it. We'll get it on Sticky Buns!

Wow .. good going and good luck!

FrecklesandDeb said...

BunFest sounds like lots of fun! Have a great time!