Sunday, September 28, 2008

BunFest Success!

"Sit still, Fluffy! They're trying to take our picture!" That's what Miss Binks kept saying to me as Mom and Dad plopped us down on the "Hare E Potter" set of the Glamour Shots area of Bunfest. I was supposed to be wearing a little jacket but I was having NONE of that! As you can see from the picture, I was too excited to sit still, so Binks sat still and looked pretty instead.

BunFest 2008 was a huge success! SO MANY people showed up and many of them brought their bunnies! Mom and Dad said it was so nice to see so many other people who adore bunnies like they do. Well, why wouldn't they? We're adorable!

Many of the visitors were so happy to have a place to come to and bring their bunnies as well! They were able to buy toys and treats just for rabbits which can be really hard to find. A lot of people brought their bunns to the BunSpa for a nail trim and groom. Dr. Deb from the Acton Veterinary Clinic was also there and she was able to answer a lot of questions that people had. One couple even found out that their boy bunny was really a girl! OOPS!

Mom was SO busy but everything went very smoothly. We even had a line up at 11 am when we officially cut the ribbon and opened the doors! Dad helped out Mom all day and then took time to go back home, get the two of us and bring us to BunFest in our pink stroller. Don't worry, my blue blanket was inside. My blue blanket reminds everyone that I am a boy bunny, and a macho one at that! Mom and Dad took us right to the Glamour Shots so we could get cute pictures taken of us both. As you can see, Miss Binks is much more photogenic than me and she likes being a diva. Dad set her up with the "Best Bunny" award and she sat very prettily while the photos were taken. Then Dad spent a fortune getting all kinds of copies printed up - one for his car, one for is desk at work, one for his bedside table and on and on. He and Binky have a very special relationship. She is definitely "Daddy's Little Girl".

Mom bought us all kinds of treats, too! Pumpkin cookies, Blueberry Cobbler cookies, organic corn husks, hay cubes - YUM! I LOVE BunFest!

But most importantly, BunFest helped to educate all kinds of pet rabbit owners about how to properly care for their bunnies. And it raised a lot of money for Rabbit Rescue which, in turn, will go to help many, many more bunnies in need. And that is what makes my heart so happy. That and Binky's ear licks of course.

I can't wait for BunFest 2009!



The Bunns said...

29 bazillions atta boys and girls for that effort!!! Woo Hoo ...

Nice pictures ..Miss patience and Mr. Move-it!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Congratulations on a successful BunFest! What a great idea. We bet everyone had a wonderful time.