Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hoppy New Year!

Hoppy New Year! Here is a picture of me in my brand new bunny house! Of course, I share it with Binky, too. Santa Paws brought it for us as well as tons of other good stuff. Our stockings were packed with goodies, all the yummy stuff that Mom likes to make for us like dehydrated banana, apple, pear and apple sauce roll-ups! We got some cookie treats, too, and a new blanket, a new stuffed bunny and a new crinkle tunnel! Wow, I must have been REALLY good this year!

Our new house is really cool. There is a room for me and a room for Binky with a tunnel to attach the two. Sometimes we stay in our own rooms, like when we eat treats. Binky likes to take food from my mouth so it's better she's in her own room to eat her treat and me in mine. But when we are not hiding our treats from each other, we snuggle up in one room or the other and give each other licks. Binky is really good at giving me ear washes and I like giving her eyeball washes. Sometimes we fall asleep next to each other, with our heads touching, and Binky will snore. I've heard humans complain that snoring keeps them awake, but I love when Binky snores. To me, it's the sweetest sound in the world.

Well, the holidays are over and a new year has begun. What's my resolution? Don't be silly, bunnies don't make resolutions! We are who we are and we don't have the same silly needs that humans do. We don't need to pressure ourselves to be something we aren't, to deprive ourselves, improve ourselves, change ourselves or be anything other than, well...ourselves! I have Mom and Dad and my beautiful Binky........and that is all I need.

Hoppy New Year everyone!


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Rennata said...

thats a great little house!
I want one for Captain Nibbles. WHere did you get it?
thanks again for your help:)