Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maze Haven Heaven!

Here is a picture of Miss Binks and I in our wonderful new house! It's called a Maze Haven and Mommy bought it for us from - how awesome does it look?!

We have had a few different cardboard houses in our time, but never one like this. It's really neat inside because it has all kinds of cool little rooms and tunnels connected by holes in the wall. Then there are holes in the ceiling that lead up to the next level and a whole other floor of rooms and passageways. And THEN there are even more holes that go up to the roof! I can survey the entire room from up there!

Miss Binks prefers the main level but I like to hop up to the second level and snooze. And if I play my cards right and stay hidden from any windows and keep completely still, it's perfect for when Mom comes looking for me and can't figure out where I am! But then she shakes the raisin box and I can't help myself - I come leaping out of the second-story window and run over to get my share before Binks eats them all.

After a long day of munching on hay and digging in my Stupid Blankets (see previous post), I like to hunker down with my precious Miss Binks in one of the "back rooms". Here it's nice and quiet and I can cuddle with her and listen to her snore. Sometimes it even really feels like we have a big house to live in, just like Mom and Dad. I love "coming home" to Binks where we can unwind and discuss our day. "What did you do today, Fluffy?" she will ask. "Well, I ate some pellets and scarfed down some hay. Then I binkied around the room for a bit, jumped up on the couch and taught those Stupid Blankets a thing or two. How about you?"

"Oh, I ate some hay, too. Then I napped in the beams of sunshine coming in through the patio doors and watched Nutters and Butters come and get some peanuts. The birds at the bird feeder were having quite the feast today."

"Awwwww, that's nice...." I say as she places her head under mine for licks, which I oblige to give her. And there we sit, comforted by each other's warmth and love, like an old married couple enjoying the simple things in life, cuddling in our new Maze Haven, our sweet new bunny abode.....



FrecklesandDeb said...

Your new cardboard castle house looks amazing! (Hee Hee! That was a little bun pun!)

Looks like you and Miss Binks have a pretty good life -- you might say you really are in Bunny Bliss!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. We just bought the same maze for our buns. They've already chewed part of it up...hehe