Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bring On The Basil

When it comes to herbs, there is one that really does reign supreme in our house.  Parsley is yummy, especially the flat Italian kind as opposed to the curly stuff.  Dill is another fave, so light and fluffy and fragrant.  We wouldn't know a thing about cilantro as Mom says the stuff is vile and she can't stand the smell of it, especially on her fingers.  She is even a card-carrying member of Mint of course, is delightful and helps to digest all the other yummies we get.  But deep down, the King of all herbs is......BASIL!

Oh I looooooooove basil!  And so does Miss Binks!  There is just something about the texture of those smooth yet sturdy leaves, the scent, fresh and enticing!  Chewing it up just releases all kinds of happiness in my mouth!  I love basil!

And check out what Mom bought!  A huge basil plant, all ripe and ready for nomming!  She put that thing down and I just dove in!  Binky was too shy and lady-like to even consider ripping the leaves off the plant like I did, but I'm a Big Tough Lop so I had no issues at all with doing it!

Thanks Mom, for being so awesome!  Make sure you buy more next time you are at the grocery store!

Fluffy McFluffersons

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Christina said...

We wish basil would go over a bit better here.