Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hoppy Poop Day!

"Mom!  Mom!  Come look!  Come see what we made for you!"

"What on Earth....*gasp!* that a heart....made of bunny poops?!"

"Yup!  Sure is!  Hoppy Birthday, Mom!"

"Oh Fluffy, oh Binky, thank you so much!"

"It took us a while to poop them all exactly the same like that.  And then Miss Binks helped arrange them into a perfect heart because my attempts just looked a mess...."

"Oh my little Darlings!  Mommy loves you both so very, very much!  I am going to take a picture and show everyone how creative, thoughtful and sweet my Babies are!"

Mom loves it when we do stuff like this.  I mean really, who else could possibly get excited over a heart made of poo?  If this came from Dad, well, that would be another story.

On Mom's birthday, us bunnies do bend the rules a little.  She is allowed to pick us up and snorgle us for as long as she wants, so long as we each get one treat for every 5 minute interval.  She can smooch us right on the lips - this is usually forbidden for it annoys our whiskers and is just downright embarrassing.  And lastly, once the day is over, at the exact stroke of midnight, the nonsense must stop.  She needs to practise that one a bit.

But she's Mom, and we love her!  Secretly, we really don't mind all the lovin' but you must never let Mom know - she is very likely to take full advantage of information like that.  Us bunns are really quite lucky to have a Mom like her to dote on us, as well as a Dad who adores us just as much.

So on behalf of Miss Binks and myself, Mom, we love you and wish you a very Hoppy Birthday and many more to come <3>
Fluffy McFluffersons


Christina said...

Beautiful! A very Happy Birthday to mom!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Happy birthday and what a thoughtful gift from the bunnies!