Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bye Bye Summer

The Summer of 2012 was a long and hot one.  Mom said it was too hot for bunnies to be outside, so Miss Binks and I spent our days in the air conditioning watching Nutters and Butters eat peanuts from the squirrel feeder and complain about the searing heat.  But alas, summer is over and fall is here, and it brings with it a nice touch of cool that makes the days bearable once again.

This weekend was especially nice.  Nice and warm without the uncomfortableness of humidity and with a light breeze that kept the changing leaves waving from their branches.  "Bunnies!  It's a perfect day to be outside!  Who wants to play?"

Mom set up the xpen in the yard and plopped us down inside.  It always takes us a bit of time to get used to being out there.  All new smells and sounds can really overwhelm a bunny who is used to being indoors.  Miss Binks especially loves to be outside.  Her ears perk up and forward, and her little twitchy nose rises and falls from the open sky to the sweet grass below.  Me?  I like to chin the grass.  Every blade!  Every blade is mine and by chinning it, it means I will come back later to munch on it.  Binky doesn't wait, she rips that grass and chews it right up, happy to finally feel like a real wild bunny.

I enjoyed it outside, exploring the land with my sweet Binks.  We are in our golden years now, and it's so nice to have sweet days like this to spend together.  Hopefully the fall will continue to be nice and we can get out again before the cold moves in and the snow begins to fall.  Beautiful days like this one are not to be missed, but enjoyed to the fullest, with your love by your side.

Fluffy McFluffersons

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Christina said...

We are ready for a touch of fall for sure.