Saturday, November 3, 2007

When Exercise Balls and Bunnies Collide

I never knew I had a little brother, but according to Mom, I do. He's a hamster. His name is Boo. I know what you're thinking - how can a bunny have a hamster as a brother? Well, technically I can't but I think Mom just calls him that because she wants me to treat him like one. He sure acts like a little brother though - he's annoying!

Every evening when he gets up, Mom puts him in his exercise ball so he can run around. At first, Binks and I didn't know what to make of him - he was just this plastic ball that rolled around and into things and into us. I think we realized there was a living creature inside the ball at around the same time Boo realized there were living creatures outside of the ball.

At first he would roll into us. Sometimes we'd push him away and off he'd go. Then, if we were in our pen, he'd roll up to the bars and push his little nose right up against the vents of the ball to sniff us. If I happened to hop away, he'd roll the ball and follow me and squish his nose through the vents again.

Sometimes when I'm hanging out minding my own business, he will roll the ball over to me and park it right up against me. This can get annoying. I try pushing him away, but he rolls right back up to me. One time he even tried to pull my fur through the vents of his ball like I was in need of a plucking. THAT was bothersome!

One evening Mom let him out of the ball so we could sniff each other for real. He's very twitchy and darts around a lot. He ran around me, under me and even tried to climb ontop of me! MOM! Put him back in his ball!

"He likes you Fluffy. Be nice to him. Think of him as your little brother." I don't recall ever wanting a little brother! "He looks up to you, Fluffy. You are a very lucky rabbit. You have Binky to keep you company, another rabbit just like you. Isn't it nice having her around?" Well, of course it is - I love Binky. "Well, Boo doesn't have anyone, he's all alone. Of course he has Mommy and Daddy but he much prefers the company of another furry creature. It gives him comfort to be around you. He told me so. He loves hanging out with "the giant hamster" as he calls you."

Okay, Mom is laying on the guilt - and it's working. I guess Boo isn't that bad. He is kinda cute. And he is fun. I guess he has grown on me. Perhaps I should be nicer to him, seeing as he looks up to me and all. That's a lot of responsibility - and it feels kinda cool.

Do you remember that Warner Bros. cartoon with the big, grey bulldog and the tiny black kitten? The one where the kitten would climb up on his back and pluck and scratch the fur on his back and the dog would wince and go "Ooooooo, ouch, ouch, owwww, ooooo, ouch...!" and then finally the kitten would curl up into a little ball on his back and go to sleep? Boo and I are kinda like that. I'm the bulldog and he's the kitten. Only I'm a rabbit and he's a hamster. And we are not cartoons. You know what I mean.


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Pink Velvet Bird said...

I love that cartoon and think about it all the time :)