Thursday, November 22, 2007

Attack of the Cardboard Boxes

Okay so the cardboard boxes haven't exactly attacked us or anything, but they are creeping in on everything. They are everywhere, in the living room, in the dining room, lining the walls and stacked to the ceiling. And they are creeping closer and closer to the middle of the room.

Mom says this is all because we are moving. Other than the boxes, the place is pretty empty. Mom and Dad have been waiting for this move to happen for a while and, as it stands now, Saturday is the big day.

Mom and Dad say us bunnies are going to have our own room. We'll be sharing it with Ella and Scooter who right now live in the bedroom, but we will be separated so we don't fight. I remember I used to hang out with Ella before, so I don't mind her. Scooter is a bit excitable and we don't exactly get along. And Ella and Binky hate each other! We'll have to see what ends up happening. I'm fine with it - if they stay on their side of the room, I'll stay on mine!

Mom says she wants to try bonding us all together. She says all of this neutral territory will be the perfect time to try. "You don't all have to snuggle and love each other to bits, just so long as you can all co-exist without trying to eat each other - that's all Mommy asks." We'll see. I told her "Mom, it's going to depend on Binky and Ella. They are the ones that are the most stubborn." "I know, Fluffy. We'll try it and see what happens. If you all don't want to be friends, that's okay, we will keep you separated in pairs just like always. But everyone will have more room if everyone can get along."

Mom says I will have patio doors to look out of. I like looking outside. I have a plank on a windowsill in our place right now. I like sitting up there and watching everything going on outside. It's always nice and cool by the window, too. Mom says the patio doors are bigger than the window, and it's on the ground level so I never know, a squirrel or even a rabbit might come in the yard to visit me. Oh, and the yard - Mom says we will finally have grass under our feet! I'm not too partial to being outside but Binky loves it. Personally, the birds scare me. So many strange noises and sounds, but so long as Binks is by my side, I'm fine. I love Binky. She's my girlfriend.

I'm excited to be moving. It means these cardboard boxes will be going away. Hey, maybe I will get an empty one to play with! "Of course you will, Fluffy!" YAY! Bonuses all around!


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