Sunday, October 14, 2007

Whoever invented the banana should be President

It's my most favourite time of day. It happens every morning. Mom gets up, lounges for a bit, eventually makes her way to the kitchen and returns with a banana. IT'S BANANA TIME!

I'll watch her. Sometimes she'll be on the couch and I'll give her a nudge. If that doesn't work, I'll hop up next to her and give her my sad, pleading eyes, helicopter ears slightly askew. Then she'll remember. She'll go to the kitchen, hold it up for me while she peels it so I can see it and get all excited. If I'm not already on the couch, I'll race there as soon as I can, often beating her there, and I'll dance around on the cushions while she sings "It's banana time! Fluffy! Who wants banana?!"

Well, who do you think wants banana? Oh, I don't know, perhaps this rabbit doing donuts around your feet followed by backflips on the couch? I WANT BANANA!

Sometimes I'll even buzz with excitement. Once I even fell off the couch I was so excited. And as soon as mom plops herself down, I am on her lap devouring that wonderful, yummy, sweet banana!

And mom let's me eat as much as I want, although she makes me promise not to tell the Bunny Food Police. Bananas are really sweet and I really shouldn't eat as much as I do, but I've never gotten sick from it and I know when I'm full and, well, Mom just can't deny me banana, especially when it makes me THIS happy! She says banana time is her favourite time of day too, because she gets to spend it with me and she loves me. And I tell her I love banana. I love banana so much that I think whoever invented the banana should be President.

Mom says she'll let Mother Nature know....

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