Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Goopy Eye

Look at me.  Aren't I a sorry little sot?  This was what I looked like after my vet visit yesterday....

So I've had a bit of a crusty eye for about 6 months now.  I've been on eye drops and for the most part, it never really developed into anything.  That is, until this past weekend.

Mom was heading out the door and was saying goodbye to Miss Binks and I when she noticed my face.  "For the love of bunnies!  Fluffy!  What happened to your eye?!!!!"  She was on me like stink and before I knew it I was scooped up in her arms.  "Oh my Little Man!  Your poor eye!"  My eye wasn't just watery, it had white goop all over it and was almost completely crusted shut.  Out came the warm washcloth and Mom gently wiped it all away and washed the fur all around my eye.  Wow, it felt nice to get rid of that gunk.  Then she cradled me in her arms and got all mushy with me.  "My sweet Fluffy Man, my poor, poor baby...."  She buried her face in my fur and rocked me back and forth.  Then she finally set me back on the floor and I promptly gave her about 4 thumps to let her know that, although I appreciated the warm washcloth, all that extra baby stuff was embarrassing.

So yesterday it was off to the vet.  Here is a picture of me all burritoed for my duct cleaning.  Dr. Erin had to give me a needle for some sedation and then my eye duct was flushed.  It got all of the gunk out and I felt much better.  But by the time it was all over, I had just about had it with all the poking and prodding and managed a few drowsy thumps when I got back into my carrier, hence my sourpuss face in the first picture.

And of course, once mom got home and heard all about my ordeal at the vet, I got scooped again.  "Oh Fluffs, my sweet little man!  What a horrible, horrible day you've had!  Mama's little bunny boy, are you okay?  Are you feeling better?"  She knew I was because in between all of her mushy kisses I was trying to wriggle out of her arms.  She put me back on the floor and of course, I thumped my disapproval.  "That's my bunny boy!"

So I am on eye drops 3 times a day, doubled doses of metacam and baytril.  The vet says I could stand to put on a few ounces so I am also getting alfalfa hay and Critical Care mixed with baby food.  I go back to the vet for a re-check in two weeks.  Until then, I will enjoy all of the extra treats I am getting and do my best to stay out of Mom's reach *sigh*.

Fluffy McFluffersons


Alice said...

we are going through the same thing!! it's such a tricky one to clear up...please let me know what ends up working for you!

SixBunnies said...

Makes me so happy that you have such good care! All bunns should be cared for so well! Enjoy the pampering .. it makes your mommy feel better, Sweetie!