Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hockey Bunns

If you're a hockey fan, this season has been a looooooong time coming.  But the lockout is now over and NHL hockey is back on the ice!

Dad looooooves hockey.  It's been tough for Mom lately because while the lockout was going on, Dad had nothing to do Saturday nights, which meant Mom had to entertain him.  "Let's watch a movie.  Can we watch a movie?  Harry Potter is on!"  A Harry Potter movie is ALWAYS on somewhere in the television universe at any given time of the day, and Dad will ALWAYS find it.

So hockey is back and Mom has Dad out of her hair and back on the couch watching hockey every Saturday night, and us bunnies get to watch with him.  To show our support, we put on our hockey jerseys because that's how happy we are to have Dad back, hanging out with us in the family room.  Between Dad's yells of "SHOOT!" and "Oh come ON!  How can you MISS that, you MORON?!", we get snorgles, pets and treats.  And sometimes Dad gets distracted and gives us extra treats, not remembering that he gave us each a raisin 10 minutes ago.....

So here is a little video of Miss Binks and I in our jerseys as we watch the Toronto Maple Leafs. GO LEAFS, GO!!!!

Fluffy McFluffersons

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Lorna Appleby said...

Oh so you're joining Sunki is supporting the Leafs, huh? Well, I suppose you must be happy with their slaughter of the Habs tonight!

However, I have some bad news for your, Fluffster.. Canucks > Leafs. :)