Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year Check Ups

Yes, it's that time of year.  At the beginning of every year, all us bunnies get carted out to see Dr. Deb for our annual check ups.  Here I am on the table getting molested by Dr. Deb.  Don't get me wrong, she's nice and all, but I just don't understand why she has to poke at my belly and stick things in my ears and mouth.  I try to wiggle out of her grasp, but being such a light bunny, they can get a pretty good hold on me.  The verdict?  I'm a lean, mean, Big Tough Lop Machine!  And I showed everyone just how I felt when I was allowed back in my carrier - I gave them a Big Tough Lop thump!
Here is Binky in Daddy's arms.  She had her check up first and then Daddy snuggled her for the rest of the visit because that's what she likes.  She can be a Nervous Nellie so he likes to make sure she is all calmed down before she goes back into the carrier.  And she got a treat too.  We all get treats after our exams for being such good little bunnies - even when we are not such good little bunnies :)  Dr. Deb says that Binky has really good muscle tone for her age, and that for *almost* 10 years old, she is in very good shape.  Binky attributes this to all of the beauty sleep and snorgling she insists on getting.

Scooter was next.  Poor Scoots.  He has being showing his age as of late - he turned 9 in November.  Mom and Dad are pretty sure he's deaf and he has also developed cataracts in both his eyes, rendering him pretty much blind.  Because he can't hear or see means that he's slowed down a lot.  It's been hard for Mom and Dad to watch but they count their blessings every day.  Scooter still eats well and poops well and plays with his toys so he's still a happy boy.  But Mom and Dad sure wish old age wasn't catching up with him - or with any of us for that matter.  But otherwise, Scooter is a healthy boy, so Mom and Dad are very happy about that :)  Here is a picture of him in his new Christmas Sweater!

Ana Banana was last and of course, she was an absolute angel.  The angry, grunty, boxy, bitey girl we've all grown to love didn't show an ounce of her true self.  Dr. Deb didn't believe us when we told her what Ana is really like at home until we showed her the video of Ana ripping apart her Christmas stocking and attacking everyone.  *sigh*  But that's why we love her - she's a real firecracker!  Ana does have some sore hocks on her feet so Dr. Deb showed us how to use vet wrap to wrap her feet up.  Well, let's just say Ana Banana is none too crazy for her new footwear and has turned shredding vet wrap into an Olympic sport.  Poor Mom keeps trying to put them on, sometimes even using fingers from gloves as little legwarmers but Ana will have no part of it.  Mom is going to keep trying though in hopes that Ana will just get used to it and leave them alone. *snort* How silly is that idea? 

So we are all done for another year.  Oh yeah, and I'm back on that stinky panacur for 30 days that helps keep my EC at bay.  Can't wait until I finish that bottle! 

Hope all of my peeps are staying nice and warm during this cold winter!  McFluffersons, over and out!

Fluffy McFluffersons


Lorna Appleby said...

Oh Fluffy -- You're such a handsome boy and a wonderful writer, too! You deserve a 'nana.

(Waits for him to be distracted and gets his pet human's attention.)

What I used to have to do to keep bunnies from chewing on bandages was give them a light coating for chamomile tea first. Sage would give me this WONDERFUL looks of "BLEH!" whenever she started to nom. I can't say that flavour will work on your bun-shark, but some herbal tea might.. and I know I don't need to say to check its bunny safe first :D

Christina said...

Glad all the buns got a good vet report card. The pictures made me grin big.