Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poop - The Return

What is that?  That thing there, above the litterbox?  No, on the wall right there, see it?  Is it a scratch? Nope, it's not a scratch on the wall.  And it's not a crack either.  So what is it you ask?  It's a strand of hay.  It's a strand of hay stuck to the wall by........a poop!

Yup, there it is in all it's glory, just waiting for Mom to see it.  And here she comes to check on the laundry. She glances into the room. And locks her eyes right on it.

"What is THIS?!"  she screeched.  Binky ran under the coffee table.  " this.......POO?!  On the wall...AGAIN?!"

Wasn't me Mom, honestly. 

"Didn't we go through this once before?  Didn't we already have a talk about flinging poops around the house?"

We did, however there was not enough substantial evidence to prove who the culprit was.  It's been a cold case for quite a while now.  Looks like they struck again.

She took the broom and swept it off the wall back into the litterbin, all the while talking through her teeth.  "All I want is to NOT have POOP on the walls!  Is that too much to ask?!"  she huffed as she lifted the clothes from the washer and put them into the dryer.  "You guys have a litterbin.  It's not like you don't have a litterbin, for crying out loud.  People come over..." In goes the last sock.  "...they look at my walls..."  In goes the dryer sheet.  "...and all they see is...."  Shut the dryer door.  "..................wha......WHAT?!!!!!!!!!  Another one?!!!!!  STUCK to the DOOR of the DRYER?!"

Oh boy.  I ran under the coffee table with Miss Binks.  I snuggled down right beside her as Mom continued on her tirade, now seemingly talking to no one in particular.  "Now I might as well be called the Bunny POOP Lady....." 

"What is all the ruckus about Fluffy?"  Binky asked.  "Oh, you know.  There's poop on the wall and for some reason Mom doesn't like it there." 

"But why?  We worked so hard on it.  You reached way up and stuck it there, then I added the pretty piece of was quite a lovely work of art." 

"I know.  I guess she just doesn't appreciate creativity and originality when she sees it.  Oh....and by the way, that project we started on the dryer?  I think we will have to abandon that one too..."



Jade said...

Sorry, Fluffy's Mom, but let's face facts--we're ALL Bunny Poop Ladies (and Gentlemen) as soon as we let the little buggers into the house. Not much we can do about it, either. :)

Lisa said...

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh Fluffy, how do you keep getting your poop onto the walls??