Friday, April 20, 2012

Me Vs. Banana

Check out what mom found (sorry it's off the page a bit) - it's an old video of me eating a banana (big surprise)!  Mom figures this video is at least 6 years old, perhaps even more.  This was back when we lived in the condo (location of the now infamous "Paint Tray Incident"). 

Every morning, Mom would have a bowl of cereal and a banana, and of course I would hop right up on the couch to help her eat it!  I must have been extra famished that morning because I sure do chow down on that thing like a little piggy, but what can I say?  I love nanners!

If you look closely, you can even see that my ears aren't bald yet.  Binky and I were no doubt already bonded but not enough time had passed for her to create the "bald look" that I now sport on the outside of my floppy ears.  *sigh*  I remember the days when my ears weren't cold....

And here is another one, probably taken about the same time as the one above.  It's a commercial for the Shopping Channel about their Easter Egg Hunt Contest.  Seeing as it's Mom's job to make the commercials, she very perfectly cast me in the role of "Handsome, Adorable Bunny"......enjoy!

Fluffy McFluffersons


Jade said...

Lucky you chowing on that banana, Fluffy! If Mr. Mick ate that much banana at once, he'd have poopy butt for a week!

Bunny Boy said...

Hi Bunny Bliss!!!
Happened to find this blog, and am now following it.
I am a new bunny blogger and would very much like it if you visit my blog.

Bunny Hugs,
Bunny Boy

bunnythreads said...

WOW..Chip LOVEs LOVES bananas But he only gets 1or 2 bites--although he would take an entire banana if allowed because he loves his naners
although if put between Crasins or papaya ..or a Banana popsicle
I think the popsicle gets it :0)