Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thumps for Mom

Hey Peeps, it's me! Good news, I'm feeling much better! Sorry this update hasn't happened sooner, Mom got sick with food poisoning and moved into the bathroom for a few days.....

Turns out that wee little spur in the back of my mouth was bugging me more than we thought. I'm eating like a little piggy and back on track. As proof, please see the video above of me reminding my Stupid Blankets of who is in charge around here. I'm back baby, I'M BACK!

Mom is still giving me Critical Care but I'm not that interested in it anymore - I'd much rather eat my hay and pellets again. She still wants me to have a wee little bit in the mornings and evenings and tonight, she got a little sloppy. "Whoops! Sorry Fluffs, I just dropped a glob on you. Where did it go.....?"

Hey, watch it, your hands are cold! Stop groping my nether regions!

*sigh* "There's a big blob of it somewhere. Where is it......oh, there it is! Come here, Mommy's gotta wipe you down."

Put me down! I'll groom it off myself. I. WILL. GROOM. IT.OFF. MYSELF!

"Okay, here's some toilet paper..........stay still...........Fluffy, stay still!"

Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh! I can do this Mom, really!

"Oh, almost gone.......couple of more wipes......and.......yes! Got it! Well, most of it. You can groom the rest off, right?"

What have I been saying?

"Okay, I'll put you down. Oooooooo, I feel a big thump brewing in those back legs of yours!"

Oh, you got that right.........

"I'm gonna film it! Yeah! Want to show all your peeps how you thump at Mama? Yes you do! Yes you do! Let me get my phone, hang on!"

And thus we have this little video at the bottom......

Thanks to all of my friends who sent me good wishes. They mean a lot and really helped Mom to not worry so much. I've got great bunny buddies <3



Jade said...

Mr. Mick and I are very glad to see how well you're doing--if you're feeling well enough to thump at your mom and give Stupid Blankets a beating, you must be doing pretty good. Keep up the good work!

Lorna Appleby said...

That is one fearsome death look Fluffy -- Shows the lack of sense from humoms if she didn't realize that danger she was in!

No respect, eh?

Glad you're feeling better! Thump her again, that'll teach her.