Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

This picture was taken on Freemont Street in Las Vegas.  Daddy took Mommy there for Valentine's Day.  Of course, us bunnies had to stay home.

Well, not exactly.  We spent the weekend at Auntie Kim's house!  She has a big basement that she doesn't use all that much so we had our two xpens set up down there.  Binky and I haven't seen or smelled Ella and Scooter since the cottage last summer, but there they were, right across from us, looking at us the whole time.

Ella and Binky have a deep-set hatred for each other.  "I see you there, you little brown bunny!" Binky would snarl.  "Yeah?  Well I see you too!"  Ella would growl back.  There was a lot of posturing and ignoring for the most part seeing as neither one could actually get at the other.

Scooter would come over to our cage during his out time.  He's a friendly guy but I'm not too keen on another boy being around my girl.  And he seems to have completely forgotten about the time Binky attacked him and bit his you-know-what.  I have no idea how you could ever forget THAT but he sure was skipping around our xpen like he had no recollection of it. 

Mom and Dad think it's a shame that the four of us were never able to bond, not even when we moved into our new house and had all neutral territory.  But that's the way the bunny bounces right?  Miss Binks and Ella are just two girls who will NEVER get along and well, Scooter and I can't seem to figure out who's boss either.  So there we were, two bonded pairs spenting five days looking across at each other, reminded of the fact that the other two exist.

Auntie Kim is really nice.  She has a lot of animals at her house - a foster bunny, two foster hamsters and 7 degus of her own.  She gave us nice treat hay for snacking and would sit down with us and read us stories.  That was really nice.  And she doesn't just "read" them either - she gets right into it and makes them sound exciting!  I hope we get to stay at her house again one day.

But low and behold, Mom and Dad did return from Vegas and they came to pick us up.  Our little holiday was nice but there really is no place like home.  As soon as Binks and I hopped out of our carrier, we hid under the coffee table and flopped out next to each other.  Miss Binks groomed my ear.  "Thank goodness I don't have to stare at those two any more!  They make my whiskers curl!"

"Oh Binks!  Just remember, I think we make their whiskers curl, too!" I said.  "Really?  Do you think so?  Well then....GOOD!" And with that she hunkered down next to me with her eye half closed as I reciprocated with the licks.  "Don't worry my Girl..." I reassured her, "I'll uncurl those whiskers for you!"



Christina said...

Well bunnies it sounds like you had a fun vacation too. Growling and staring down your neighbors. It's always those girls isnt it? They love to start trouble.

Carmen C. said...

Sounds like a fun getaway to your Auntie's house:)

The Bunns said...

AHhhh .. vacation.

AHhhh .. home again =:<)