Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love, Kisses And Bunny Poop Hearts

Hey, WHOA!  What's going on around here?!  Geez, looks like Mom has decided to change the look of my blog again.  Mom fancies herself as a wanna-be graphic artist and is more than mildly obsessed with fonts.  I see she has tried some new ones - you know, the "fun" ones that always seem like such a great idea at the time but then you look back at them and say "Wow, that was lame....."  She still hasn't gotten over the fact that Papyrus made it onto her wedding invitations, even though it took a backseat to a classier serif font.  Personally, I think we need a carrot font....

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Mom decided to take more video of Binky and I snorgling it up.  As times change and we both get older, Miss Binks has been known to give me a good chase and nip if I run past her too fast.  It's because she is blind, and she gets very apprehensive when she senses that something is going on around her that she is not aware of.  Usually, she thinks that somehow, I have gotten a treat and she did not, which is NEVER the case.  In fact, Mom and Dad make a point of giving Binky her treat first, and then I get mine.  But once Binky chases and catches up to me, gives my snout a good sniff and realizes that she did in fact NOT miss a treat, all is well again with the world.

And when all is well, there is nothing we like more that canoodling.  Mom filmed us, and remarked at how much we are like an old married couple.  Bickering at times, but mostly knowing that our worlds would never be the same if we didn't have the other around.  Sometimes we groom each other, hide our heads under the other, even smooch real kisses on the lips.  And sometimes we just sit next to one another and daze, completely satisfied and at peace, feeling the warmth of our best friend beside us, knowing that everything is perfect.

Miss Binks and I have been together for almost 7 years.  That's a pretty long time for bunnies.  There is no other girl I'd rather snorgle with than my Miss Binks.  And I am pretty darn sure she feels the same way.  So for all my peeps out there, show some love this Valentine's Day.  Snorgle a bunny friend, snorgle your human, let them pet you just a little bit longer and don't be so quick to bolt off their laps when they are smooching you and talking all goofy to you.  Oh, and take your poops and arrange them into the shape of a heart - humans LOVE that!


Sorry to my peeps out there who couldn't see this video because Mom used a 1:20 clip of "Right Here Waiting" without asking Richard Marx for permission....THUMP. So here is the video without the unintended copyright infringement....just imagine the song playing.


Jade said...

Boo-hiss, it says the video is blocked in my country (US) on copyright grounds because it has content from EMI (whatever that is). No fair! :(

Carmen C. said...

I'm not able to watch it either:(