Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Is In The Air

Hoppy Valentine's Day everybun! This is the day we share our love with the ones we care for the most. Obviously this means I will be busy all day hunkered down with my lovely Miss Binks, licking her ears, washing her eyeball and snorlging with her in general. She is really great to snorgle with.....

Mom and Dad decided to spend the day at Mississauga Animal Services - which is actually where I was adopted from - cuddling the bunnies. Mom says on this international day of love, we should spread it far and wide so they went to share their love with the bunnies in the shelter. Bunnies in shelters don't get cuddled enough which is sad. Being cuddled makes you happy and if you are a happy bunny, you'll get adopted faster than a shy or angry or sad bunny. Mom and Dad also brought fresh greens and carrots for them to munch on. Mom and Dad thought it would be a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Dad got Mom two dozen long-stemmed yellow roses - they are her favourite. Mom got Dad one dozen long-stemmed bottles of Heineken - that's his favourite. They are going out for dinner tonight too. They are being all kissy-facey today which worries me. If they are all kissy-facey, chances are they are going to try to smother me with kisses at some point too - I'd better stay hidden in the Maze Haven with Binky. The only kisses I like are from her.

Good news on the squirrel feeder front! Mom finally won one on eBay! It's paid for and we are all anxiously awaiting it's arrival - especially Nutters & Butters. Things have been getting desperate and squirrel turf wars have been raging. The other day, Mom saw 5 squirrels chase another one up to the very top of a tree. There was a lot of squawking going on and perilous hopping from one branch to another. Mom opened the window. "Hey you squirrels! Stop that! Break it up right now and behave yourselves!" They didn't pay much attention to her but they did eventually scatter when Shannon, the Golden Doodle from next door, came out to play. Poor Shannon. She wants to play with the squirrels so bad but they are afraid of her.

So this Valentine's Day I will dedicate this post to my darling Miss Binks. She warms me from the inside out and her presence makes my heart go pitter patter. I would like to spread the love and wish all of my peeps, bunnies and humans alike, a very happy Valentine's Day. May your hearts always be happy!



Rabbits' Guy said...

well put and a good life there! happy smooching!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Hope you and Miss Binks had a wonderful smoochy Valentine's Day! (And we hope the squirrel feeder arrives soon, before the squirrels dispatch each other!)

nerq & thefluffies said...

Happy Valentine day, Fluffy!