Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chin Up!

Mom says that as far as bunnies go, I'm about the friendliest one there is. It's true that I like to sniff people. It's true I like to be on top of any situation that is going on around me. It's true that I am loveable and people can't get enough of me - what can I say? But I don't think Mom realizes what is really going on. I like stuff. And I like making stuff "mine".

People squeal with joy when I run up to them and chin them. They think it means I like them, and I guess in a way it does, but more importantly, it means they "belong" to me. I like things to belong to me - it's how I keep my world in order.

I don't care if you think it's yours. If I chin it, it becomes mine. Even if you take it away again, that's okay, because I'll still see it as mine, and when you bring it back, I'll chin it again, making it mine. See how it works?

I chinned LOTS of stuff on Saturday! Cleaning Lady came over and I chinned everything! Vacuum....mine. Mop....mine. Pail....mine. Duster....mine, too! Then Cable Guy showed up. Tool belt.....mine. Cables.....mine. Wrench.....mine. I even chinned his shoes....mine!

It's like a game I play. How much stuff can I make mine? Let's see, I'll take that coffee table, the chair legs, the cabinet, the newspaper rack, the floor lamp. All mine, thank you. And even if Binky, my girlfriend, comes over and makes stuff hers, I just make it mine right back. She's not as obsessive about it as I am. Oh, and I chin her, too. She's mine. I love her.

So think what you will. "Oh he's so cute! He just rubbed me with his chin! He likes me!" Yeah, I like making you mine. Consider yourself added to the collection.


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